FMP blog post #20 editing, editing and a bit more editing!

So today I have been finishing of the rough cut, to show to some people outside of working on the film. To show it to people I decided to use a private link on youtube so that I can show it to people esair as some of the people that I wanted to show it to are not location to me.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 21.34.14.png

On the editing side of thing. I have made some small changes from the feedback from the people that I have shown the rough cut too. one change that I had to make was a shot where the boom pole had got in to shot, that  did not see till i looked back over it.

I now have moved into logic to do the sound for the film and I am also going to be going to davinci resolve to do the colour grade for the film. So I have exported a h.264 and a pro ress the h.264 one is for doing the sound and to get the audio in to logic I have used a AAF file so I have all the audio channels and any cuts that I have made when editing. When I had go into logic I found that as a some of the clips had the same name it was putting them in the wrong place. but it had put one file on one line and the other one on the second line. Allowing me to fix this problem.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 17.50.46.png


FMP blog post #19 Start editing and also some other days too.

So is was going to do this when I had just started editing but I forgot and was to busy work on the edit. So this is me looking back on the edit so far.

For the edit I have decided to edit in chronological order this is allowing to adapt the pacing of the film. I have also added the timecode and the footage name to the top of the frame for when I take it in to logic to do the sound edit, so I can know which shot I am look at and there in the take it is.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.22.04.png

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FMP blog post #17 and #18

So instead of doing 2 post for the producoint of the film I have just done it in one.

So the first day of filming was all outside in riegate. Get all the scene in the park and then a couple outside the park. The first scene was going well but halfway through film it we had a larger group of kids on some sort of school trip showed up and made a lot of noise. So I going to have to find a workaround for this in the edit and the sound design. Also the light was change as the clouds are moving over head so this could make a challenge when cutting back and for on takes. Otherwise very thing when to plan apart from deciding not to shoot one scene and do it on  the second day of filming.

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FMP blog post #16 Where everything when wrong.

So well my project was going well but I have had the a lot of problems happen.

The first problem I had was the the last 2 locations did not respond after contacting them weeks ahead of filming. One of the location that did not get back to me is the bar the make the film work and with out that location I would not bar there would not be the start or end to the film. So to solve this problem I have had to rewrite the start and end of the script. So that I don’t need a bar and coffee location as i will have changed the script.

The second big problem I have had is that over half the cast dorp out on me or did not reply to any text/Emails or call that I made. So I started to ask other people I know. I asked my friend at the brit school, other at uni doing drama and also my friends doing drama at A-level. But after ask all of them there all busy as there got exams for uni, A-level or just unavailable. So I had exhausted every single thing I could think of.

So It got to the point that I was going to give up but when I was canceling the first day of filming, and I spoke with 2 members of the crew and both of them told me not to give up and also suggested ways that I can tell the story but only have 2 characters and not have the bar scene, but still have the whole film work and tell the story. As that is what I am doing is telling story more than anything. So today I have done a rewrite of the whole script as well I redone the short list and call sheet all ready to start the shoot a day later and also its now only a 2 day shoot this takes some of the stress out of the film as there not as many days, but it does add the stress of having to shoot it in 2 days. But with the sport of my crew it will be able to happen and go to plan.

Over all I had very thing that could possibly, did go wrong, and that I could not plan for if any anything like this happened.  But I do that I had got to a point that most people would not be able to recover from, as they would have lost the drive to keep going and just given up. But i was so very close to do that but instead I was able to just keep going and work the problem to the point that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just did not stop when I got the as I the was even more alive with the idea, than I was at the start of the pre-production. So over all have all of these problems have made changes for the good and have told me how to adapt the film to make it work. But if i go back in time I would not change anything as this has been the best learning experience that i could possibly had in making this film.

FMP blog post #15

So I yesterday was a good test to see how my camera did, it also allowed to become more efficient with my camera no set.

Today I did a lighting plan and then finished of the shot list and did some more sketchbook work along with the contact the of the actor for monday. But I still need to get the actor for the main female role in the film as I have not had a reply from the girl that I was wanting to carst. So I have contacted  a different actor that may be able to play the part if they’re about for the filming dates. The rest of the planning for the film is going to plan. It is just the parts where I am having to rely on other people that has gone wrong. But that is the part that alway seem to go wrong.

I am also having to get a new hard drive to allow me to store all the date from film this week coming up.

FMP blog post #14

This was the last day of filming for harrys short film. This was a indoor shoot so I had 3 dedo lights and a gells.


Over all it was a good shot and went well with no major problems, the only problem that happened on the shoot, was the harry was not very organised with the shots he need for the scenes and the timings for the day.

I going to contact the actor that have sent the audition tapes in and let them know the details and if they have got the part.


FMP blog post #13

So today was the first day of film in harry’s film. It went well and help me a lot work work out how my camera works in production and how I canera use it to help my production next week.

I have also found that I gonna have problems storing all the data as I have shot 200GB today and going to be a similar amount about tomorrow as well.

Also got a bit sunburnt as I was outside all day.

FMP blog post #12

I have finished making my shot list on the script but now I need to make this shot list into some that will work no the set and is easier to read.

I did some work last night and i when to finish it to day I found out that it did not save so I had to spend the morning redoing the work.

I so when and did a location scout to day in regate to find some location for the film and I there are a couple of different place that I going to film at. Here are some photos from the scout.IMG_5459.jpg

I also start to work on the call sheets for the filming days and I am planning to film it in 3 days if need have a four day.

So today has gone well so far as i am get close to the filming days. Next week i am shooting a second short film for 2 days that should go well.

FMP blog post #11

So to day I did the pitch for my film and that seemed to go well and I feel that I got the point of the film over well.

I also did a little bit of research into camera sliders, as there is a camera move that wanting to do in the film to add a slow pushing in and slow pull out scene. This research I am going to continue working on it tomorrow.

I also have been working out my shot list for the film. Has I have been going thought the script there are a couple of changes that I going to make to the script as I feel it will work well. I also have been think about the lighting as well, while going through the and seeing how I going to light some scene.

FMP blog post #10

So today I have final of the 3rd draft of the script this means that I now can start to plan the shorts for the film and also can set out the filming day so i can work out how is needed on what days.

The casting call is also going well as I now have got 9 applicants for the film on starnow and I am still going to talk to my friend that is at the brit school to see if they know anyone that is interested in play a role in the film.

I also have sent a message to Ted Sim that work for the lighting company aperture, to see if they will seen me some light for the film. There a high possibility that they will not send me any lights.

Looking at how the project is going it going well and going to plan with only 2 weeks to go till filming.