FMP blog post #16 Where everything when wrong.

So well my project was going well but I have had the a lot of problems happen.

The first problem I had was the the last 2 locations did not respond after contacting them weeks ahead of filming. One of the location that did not get back to me is the bar the make the film work and with out that location I would not bar there would not be the start or end to the film. So to solve this problem I have had to rewrite the start and end of the script. So that I don’t need a bar and coffee location as i will have changed the script.

The second big problem I have had is that over half the cast dorp out on me or did not reply to any text/Emails or call that I made. So I started to ask other people I know. I asked my friend at the brit school, other at uni doing drama and also my friends doing drama at A-level. But after ask all of them there all busy as there got exams for uni, A-level or just unavailable. So I had exhausted every single thing I could think of.

So It got to the point that I was going to give up but when I was canceling the first day of filming, and I spoke with 2 members of the crew and both of them told me not to give up and also suggested ways that I can tell the story but only have 2 characters and not have the bar scene, but still have the whole film work and tell the story. As that is what I am doing is telling story more than anything. So today I have done a rewrite of the whole script as well I redone the short list and call sheet all ready to start the shoot a day later and also its now only a 2 day shoot this takes some of the stress out of the film as there not as many days, but it does add the stress of having to shoot it in 2 days. But with the sport of my crew it will be able to happen and go to plan.

Over all I had very thing that could possibly, did go wrong, and that I could not plan for if any anything like this happened.  But I do that I had got to a point that most people would not be able to recover from, as they would have lost the drive to keep going and just given up. But i was so very close to do that but instead I was able to just keep going and work the problem to the point that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I just did not stop when I got the as I the was even more alive with the idea, than I was at the start of the pre-production. So over all have all of these problems have made changes for the good and have told me how to adapt the film to make it work. But if i go back in time I would not change anything as this has been the best learning experience that i could possibly had in making this film.


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