FMP blog post #17 and #18

So instead of doing 2 post for the producoint of the film I have just done it in one.

So the first day of filming was all outside in riegate. Get all the scene in the park and then a couple outside the park. The first scene was going well but halfway through film it we had a larger group of kids on some sort of school trip showed up and made a lot of noise. So I going to have to find a workaround for this in the edit and the sound design. Also the light was change as the clouds are moving over head so this could make a challenge when cutting back and for on takes. Otherwise very thing when to plan apart from deciding not to shoot one scene and do it on  the second day of filming.

IMG_20170516_140252Day 2 of filming, this day was all in side apart from one scene that was outside.

So I started the day at 8:40 and got all the light done and was ready to film but 9:30am but ended waiting on actors till 10am when they got on to the set, due to them having to do something before come on to the set. But when then got on set I had done all the light and got the camera set up so we could start film right away.


After that scene it was time to move on too one of the most complicated scene to do that day as the actors shifted from one part of the set to the other and with only 4 light and one of them being a small LED. So I used practical lights to add some fill to the scene and more light as well. So for 2 of the practical lights I put a soft amber key 2 on them just to give it a warmer look to the light, as well as a warmer feel to the scene.IMG_20170517_115538

Then also added a backlight to harry when he was sitting down on the laptop that also had a small light on to give the the glow from the screen of the laptop. The backlight I put some back rap on to stop light leak as well a type of grid to focus the light more.IMG_20170517_115543

Then for the scene in the hallway I had 2 dedo lights next to each other going in to the  ceiling to give a fill light to the room and then it had the back of the slate covered in back rap, so there is not any unwanted light spill.

I have also been using a follow focus along with peking on my camera to get the focus right, there is only one lense that I have that dose not work with the follow focus. But I did work out the different focus points for each scene and marked them on the follow focus._MG_0684

Over all the 2 days of filming when well, I enjoyed it there just the one part that i know i am not that good at and the is the directing of actors in the scene. so that is my biggest down fall in the filming of the film.


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