FMP blog post #20 editing, editing and a bit more editing!

So today I have been finishing of the rough cut, to show to some people outside of working on the film. To show it to people I decided to use a private link on youtube so that I can show it to people esair as some of the people that I wanted to show it to are not location to me.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 21.34.14.png

On the editing side of thing. I have made some small changes from the feedback from the people that I have shown the rough cut too. one change that I had to make was a shot where the boom pole had got in to shot, that  did not see till i looked back over it.

I now have moved into logic to do the sound for the film and I am also going to be going to davinci resolve to do the colour grade for the film. So I have exported a h.264 and a pro ress the h.264 one is for doing the sound and to get the audio in to logic I have used a AAF file so I have all the audio channels and any cuts that I have made when editing. When I had go into logic I found that as a some of the clips had the same name it was putting them in the wrong place. but it had put one file on one line and the other one on the second line. Allowing me to fix this problem.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 17.50.46.png


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