Final Evaluation the very very very last one!

The proposal was right for the project and made the points that it needed to make. I think the proposal was ambitious as I have made the film and has turn out to how I wanted the film to be. As I was the cinematographer, director, producer, writer and editor. So I been to about 4 jobs to many. So making this film has been the most challenging short film have made and I was doing 5 jobs.

Sources The main sources of inspiration were a couple of film, these really help develop how I was going to tell the story and the way I was going to film them more than any other parts of the research that I did. As I could see how other film that have been successful use ways to tell a story and the ways they filmed it. Then testing the different ideas that I wanted to try and had seen it the other films. As well as the camera test that help me get use to useing the C100mkii as this was one of the first film I was doing with it. Over all the research that I did helped a lot to develop the film.

Development of ideas

The development of the ideas for the film happen as I was writing the script as it was the adaptation of a script the I had all ready wrote a couple of months before I started this project. Thats why there where about 9 versions of the script. There was none of the original script that the film was based of by the time I was at versions 9 of the script. The ideas of the film I was developing all the way thought the making of the film as the story was evolving.

Problem Solving

So there many little problem like there are with anything you do, but there was one very big problem that I had. That was where so of the location did not get back to me as well as the face that half the cast had not replied to messaging and this all happen about 3 days from filming. This I was very close to quitting the making of this film, that I had been working on for 8 week every single day with out having a brake. This problem made me lose all the determination that I had to make the film. But I got round this after taking a brake from working on it and having some down time. I ended up not filming on Monday and was read writing part of the script, after I had some of my close friends volunteer to play the main characters and cut the of characters from the film. So with a lot of work i mange to change the film to work and was able to film it in 2 day that I had planed to film in all ready. So in the end the timeline for the film stand on track and did not effect the post-production timeline at all.

Development of skills

Some of the skills I develop in the making of this film were light with a very tight lighting kit that was about after the kit that I was wanting for the film, it had 2 more lights that are LED and bicolour as well there are not a spot type so are a very good area light for the reason. Another skill is how to solving very big problems and work round them.


So what I had aimed to do I did and I told the story in the way I wanted to tell it and the film work well with it. As well the film makes sense that is really good as i went in to the project just wanting to make the best film I could and I think that I have done that with the tools I had, and we all ways learning and gaining more and more knowledge over doing this. That I can take to the next project that I work on as well. It has also proved that I am a filmmaker but there one thing that i am not planing on doing any time soon is directing and writing a film, as I know that i not good at it.


In all the ways how having very think go wrong I think it was for the best as I have leant how to deal with those type of problem and working on my next film it will help. As this is a skill that i will learn over time and experience work in projects.

In conclusion the film i think the success full even know the that I changed some big parts of the film, I also Learn a lot in the ways that I work on set and what types of preproduction I need to do to get the best results on set and in the film.


FMP blog post #17 and #18

So instead of doing 2 post for the producoint of the film I have just done it in one.

So the first day of filming was all outside in riegate. Get all the scene in the park and then a couple outside the park. The first scene was going well but halfway through film it we had a larger group of kids on some sort of school trip showed up and made a lot of noise. So I going to have to find a workaround for this in the edit and the sound design. Also the light was change as the clouds are moving over head so this could make a challenge when cutting back and for on takes. Otherwise very thing when to plan apart from deciding not to shoot one scene and do it on  the second day of filming.

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FMP blog post #14

This was the last day of filming for harrys short film. This was a indoor shoot so I had 3 dedo lights and a gells.


Over all it was a good shot and went well with no major problems, the only problem that happened on the shoot, was the harry was not very organised with the shots he need for the scenes and the timings for the day.

I going to contact the actor that have sent the audition tapes in and let them know the details and if they have got the part.


FMP blog post #13

So today was the first day of film in harry’s film. It went well and help me a lot work work out how my camera works in production and how I canera use it to help my production next week.

I have also found that I gonna have problems storing all the data as I have shot 200GB today and going to be a similar amount about tomorrow as well.

Also got a bit sunburnt as I was outside all day.